Noelene Callaghan           

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- Teacher of HSIE & Technology - 
-2015 & 2016 Microsoft Innovative Expert Educator - Google Certified Educator - 
- BYOD & Digital Curriculum - 2012 Teachers Guild Research Award Winner -

Noelene Callaghan is a Teacher of HSIE and Technologies in a Department of Education and Communities Secondary School in Western Sydney. Noelene incorporates the latest technologies into her classroom and is committed to developing 21st Century Learning strategies for her students. Noelene also leads professional learning at her school in the area of ICT (digital curriculum and BYOD) in addition to Digital Media by mapping the skills of students to ACARA's ICT Capabilities and benchmarking the ICT levels of all enrolled students. This has led to the development of personalised learning programs for each student. She is also heavily involved in many of the schools committees such as School Council, Indigenous program, National Curriculum, Teacher Mentor and School Promotions. Within the wider educational community, Noelene is a member of the BOSTES Accreditation Panel, a Counselor of The Teacher's Guild of New South Wales and Freelance Writer. In 2015, Noelene was named as an Australian Microsoft Innovative Expert Educator as a result of embedding these new practices into her classroom and school. As a result of this opportunity, Noelene's students were involved in the pilot program of Mineclass and has established new teaching and learning programs surrounding Minecraft Edu. 

Noelene's area of expertise is using new technologies within Australian secondary classrooms. Much research is dedicated to using Learning Management tools such as Office 365, Google Apps For Education (GAFE), Edmodo, Moodle and more. As part of her Masters Degree, Noelene conducted an intensive research study assessing the role of Ning (an educational based social networking site) in an Australian high school. This innovative study acted as a benchmark study to further research studies surrounding social media that have since been completed and published. Noelene is  continuing with her investigation of innovative pedagogies associated with using social networking sites in 21st Century learning environments.

This Masters Degree research led to her winning the 2012 Guild Research Award Prize issued by The Teachers' Guild of New South Wales and the international publication of her work. As a result of winning this prestigious prize, Noelene was invited to join the Teachers Guild of NSW Committee as a Councillor. 

More recently, Noelene has been able to share her expertise as a leading teacher contributing numerous articles to education specific publications such as The Australian Teacher Magazine. Noelene's passion in making every educational learning environment a safe place is further emphasised by these initiatives.

Noelene regularly contributes to her Blog and shares her teaching and learning experiences daily via social media.